“The 7 Biggest Dental Website Mistakes…And How To Avoid Them”

Get a quick cheat-sheet that walks you through how to avoid the most common, and potentially costly mistakes dentists make with their websites?


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In this eye-opening
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discover how to eliminate making potentially big and costly mistakes with your practice’s website such as:


  • The three-step formula to dental website success! (Hint- 98 out of 100 dental sites we review make this serious error. Are you?)
  • Why potential patients aren’t finding your practice’s site…but are easily finding (and calling) the tiny fraction of your competitors who don’t make this significant mistake!
  • Mis-steps with your website’s mobile views that cause visitors to leave instantly…and never come back!
  • Not capturing visitor email addresses – and how turn those email addresses into patients
  • What you say on your site that is killing visitor conversion
  • And much more!

Here’s what people are saying about this must-have cheat sheet…


“I’ve always had one or two pretty web sites, but could never get a web site that would sell my services.  Fixing my website has increased the number of patients I get on-line and with one simple addition to the site, has been able to create a stream of cash flow and profits.  My ROI is through the roof!

Greg Wych DDS


“Hugely Valuable!… Gave Me Practical Solutions”

Graham Martin


“I Got Much More That What I Expected. It Gave Me Next Steps And Confidence In What I Need To Do To Fix Everything On My Website”

Mike Coleman


“WOW, what an improvement! I never really knew what a difference having a Marketing System integrated with my website would make. Now, Prospective Patients are leaving their email addresses, the System keeps in touch with them automatically…and they’re converting!

Dr. B. Lycka


“They Know What Is Needed To Make Any Business Website A Traffic And Lead Generation Machine!”

William Ballard


“I’ve Implemented Several Of Your Tips & Opt-Ins Are Up 6% Already.”

K. Calhoun


“We have been impressed with the results. With this guidance we finally have a system that has increased our sales, and builds a stronger relationship with our patients.”    

Dr. Grace.

“The 7 Biggest Dental Website Mistakes…And How To Avoid Them”


“The 7 Biggest Dental Website Mistakes…
And How To Avoid Them”

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